A tool for plotting the conditional coefficients (“marginal effects”) of variables included in multiplicative interaction terms. The function plots the changes in the coefficient of one variable in a two-way interaction term conditional on the value of the other included variable. The resulting plot also includes simulated 95% confidential intervals of these coefficients.


An R package for quickly and easily generating dot-and-whisker plots of regression results, either directly from model objects or from tidy data frames. It provides a convenient way to create highly customizable plots for presenting and comparing statistics. It can be used to plot coefficients or other estimates (e.g., predicted probabilities) within a model or compare them across different models. The estimates are presented as dots with confidence interval whiskers.


A package to achieve similar functions specifically for China studies. regioncode enables seamlessly converting regions’ formal names, common-used names, and administrative division codes between each other.


A pedagogical software make the R learners’ life a little bit easier and more happily and a supplementary courseware for Dr. Yue Hu’s R program lectures. The tutorials included are crystallized during Dr. Hu’s online and offline R workshop.


A toolbox for writing an academic paper with rmarkdown. The tools includes data analyses, visualization, and documenting.