Selected Publications

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Peer Review Articles

Hu, Yue, and Elise Pizzi. 2022. “The Role of Language Policy in Migration Decisions.” China: An International Journal: Forthcoming. (Pre-print available here)

Tai, Yuehong, Yue Hu, and Frederick Solt. 2022. “Democracy, Public Support, and Measurement Uncertainty.” American Political Science Review: First View. (Pre-print available here)

Tang, Wenfang, and Yue Hu. 2022. “Detecting Grassroots Bribery and its Sources in China: A Survey Experimental Approach” Journal of Contemporary China: Online. (Pre-print available here)

Hu, Yue, Yufei Sun, and Donald Lien. 2022. “The Resistance and Resilience of National Image Building: An Empirical Analysis of Confucius Institute Closures in the U.S.” Chinese Journal of International Politics 15(3): Online. (Pre-print available here)

Pizzi, Elise, and Yue Hu. 2022. “Does Governmental Policy Shape Migration Decisions?The Case of China’s Hukou System.” Modern China: Online. (Pre-print available here)

Jiang, Qiaolei, Shiyu Liu, Yue Hu, and Jing Xu. 2022. “Social Media for Health Campaign and Solidarity Among Chinses Fandom Publics During the Covid-19 Pandemic.” Frontiers in Psychology: Health Psychology 12: 824377.

Hu, Yue, and Zijie Shao. 2021. “What Drives Chinese Internet Users to Watch State-Media Broadcasts? An Audience Analysis.” Journal of Chinese Political Science 27(1): 19-40. (Pre-print available here)

Hu, Yue, and Amy H. Liu. 2020. “The Effects of Foreign Language Proficiency on Public Attitudes: Evidence from the Chinese-Speaking World.” Journal of East Asian Studies 20(1): 1–23. (Pre-print available here)

Hu, Yue. 2020a. “Culture Marker Versus Authority Marker: How Do Language Attitudes Affect Political Trust?” Political Psychology 41(4): 699–716. (Pre-print available here)

———. 2020b. “Refocusing Democracy: The Chinese Government’s Framing Strategy in Political Language.” Democratization 72(2): 302–20. (Pre-print available here)

Hu, Yue. 2019. “Are Informal Education Facilities Effective Means for Generating Political Support? A Spatial Analysis.” Social Science Quarterly 100(3): 701–24. (Pre-print available here)

Claypool, Vicki Hesli, William Reisinger, Marina Zaloznaya, Yue Hu, and Jenny Juehring. 2018. “Tsar Putin and the ‘Corruption’ Thorn in His Side: The Demobilization of Votes in a Competitive Authoritarian Regime.” Electoral Studies 54: 182–204. (Pre-print available here)

Solt, Frederick, Yue Hu, Kevan Hudson, Jungmin Song, Dong ‘Erico’ Yu. 2017. “Economic Inequality and Class Consciousness.” The Journal of Politics 79(3): 1079–83. (Pre-print available here)

———. 2016. “Economic Inequality and Belief in Meritocracy in the United States.” Research & Politics 3(4): 1–7. (Pre-print available here)

Tang, Wenfang, Yue Hu, and Shuai Jin. 2016. “Affirmative Inaction: Language Education and Labor Mobility among China’s Muslim Minorities.” Chinese Sociological Review 48(4): 346–66. (Pre-print available here)

Hu, Yue. 2013. “Institutional Difference and Cultural Difference: A Comparative Study of Canadian and Chinese Cultural Diplomacy.” Journal of American-East Asian Relations 20(2–3): 256–68. (Pre-print available here)

Other Publications

Hu, Yue. 2022. “Book Review: Amy H. Liu, The Language of Political Incorporation: Chinese Migrants in Europe.” Journal of Chinese Overseas 18(2): Forthcoming.

Chinese Journal Articles

季程远和胡悦: 《经济发展与纵向获得感》, 《公共行政评论》2022年 86(2)期,第4–21页.

胡悦: 《实验室实验:政治科学研究的一种有效方法?》,《国外理论动态》2021年第06期, 第160-171页。

胡悦、朱毓朝: 《“问题与主义”导向之争——西方比较政治学沿革及其借鉴意义》,《天津社会科学》 2011年第03期, 第46-50页。

程同顺、胡悦: 《对外政策的文化道具——浅析文明冲突论的工具性》,《学习论坛》 2010年第02期, 第33-37页。

胡悦: 《从政治科学角度分析人民政协的政治定位》,《天津市社会主义学院学报》 2009年第01期, 第19-23页。

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