Understanding Policies | 理解公共政策 (10700193)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Case Illustrations (GE) | 多元视角与案例解析 (通识课程)

July 15, 2021

Policies are everywhere in the modern society. They serve as the tie between the rulers and ruled and the means to steer collective actions for the given goals. In this sense, the ability to understand where policy comes from and how it runs and ends has become a crucial quality of the potential successors and leaders. Understanding Public Policies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Case Illustrations is the place you cultivate this quality.

The course serves as a general-education course with zero requirement of knowledge of public policies. It will start with the conceptualization of public policy, and introduce the diverse perspectives and common principles of understanding public policies. The first half of the course will introduce analytic views from political science, sociology, psychology, and economy demonstrating the specific routines of social scientists to destruct policies. The second half will then open social scientists’ analytic toolkit for policy analysis and evaluation. We will discuss a series of popular methods including experiments, statistical inference, big data, and case studies. In every topic, we will include examples to illustrate how the perspectives and methods are applied to understand real-life policies.

This is a general-education course for introducing basic knowledge and approaches of public policy analysis. If you need a profession course of the topic, please my other course “Analysis of Public Policy” (30700953).

现代社会中,公共政策无处不在。 它是联结决策者与执行者的重要纽带,也是规范群体行为、实现个体和社会发展的指向标。 作为社会成员,越能综合理解公共政,就越能理解政府和社会治理逻辑,进而了解公民行为准则的初衷和边界; 作为未来精英,对公共政策案例接触得越多样,也就越能掌握分析判断政策效果的技巧,以实现快速融入制度,借力制度优势,成为各类行业中的有力竞争者和决策者。 《理解公共政策》即是为塑造合格现代公民、培育未来领袖进行的知识和能力准备。

本课属通识类课程,不要求有任何社会科学或公共管理学研究基础。 课程将从讲解公共政策内涵开始,铺陈制定公共政策的多元认知视角和普遍原则,培养学生追本溯源、由表及里的政策分析能力。 课程前半段以跨越政治、经济、社会、心理的多元学科视角,展示公共政策核心原则、制定逻辑和实施目标。 后半段则结合应用案例,介绍运用实验、观察数据、个案、大数据等多种手段,研判公共政策的思维模式和方式方法。 课程以普及政策常识和社会科学基本原理为核心,通过教师、学生双主体的参与式教学,帮助学生加深对公共政策的理解、增强评判公共政策的能力、树立正确公民观。

本课为公共政策分析的通识课,如你需要学习相关的专业课程,建议选修 《公共政策分析 (30700953)》

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