Analysis of Public Policy | 公共政策分析 (30700953)

Perspectives and Methods | 视角与方法

July 19, 2021

Analysis of Public Policy: Perspectives and Methods focuses on empirical policy evaluation. The course introduces a political scientist view and a series of modern empirical methods into public policy analyses. Students will learn not only the fundamental analytic theories for public policy evaluation but also tools such as case study, survey, experiments, and big-data analysis, that can be used to analyze different types of policies. In every topic, we will include real-life cases to illustrate how the theories and method can be applied.

This is a general-education course for introducing basic knowledge and approaches of public policy analysis. If you are not intend to major Political Science or relevant areas, you may want to check the general-education version of the course “Understanding Policies” (10700193).

《公共政策分析: 视角与方法》课程定位于实证分析,主要讲授基于现代政治科学理论和工具的公共政策分析模式和方法。 课程通过讲授、宾主对、实时数据分析等环节,培养学生社会科学研究素养以及恰当选择、运用实证方法分析现实政策政策的能力。 课程前半段集中讲授主流政策分析范式和理论视角,后半段则侧重对政策分析的个案分析、调查分析、实验、大数据分析等分析手段及应用技巧介绍,力图最终实现公共政策分析能力理论和实操层面的共同提升。 课程以教师和学生的互动教学为核心,在参与式教学中帮助学生加深对公共政策分析的基本概念、理论和思路的理解。

本课为政治学与行政学的专业课程。如你只是想对公共政策基础知识感兴趣,欢迎选修 《理解公共政策》(10700193)

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